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Zenit is a vertical balance puzzle game.


Skillfulness, focus and logical insight are required in order to finalize the 10 level tower. Well, and a lot of patience as well…
It seems easy, but it is not at all! It is getting more difficult pebble by pebble.
Zenit is a game that originated in ancient times and it has been attracting people since then. It is a completely retro experience in today's smartphone focused world of digitalization. Who wouldn't have seen pebbles on a river bank or beach? You might have played or even build a stone man out of them. Finding balance is a great challenge, not only in the game Zenit but in all areas of our life. It needs to be dealt with! 
So the game is not new, but till now no standardized pocket version existed. So far!
As a result of a series of developments, the Zenit game has been born. It is handmade of natural components yet each set of Zenit pebbles are exactly the same. The set consists of 10 pieces of life-like Zenit pebbles marked with the Zenit logo. The mass and surface of the Zenit pebbles are very similar to the real pebbles. It comes in a small leather bag, which makes it a very lovable, colorful little package. Zenit is available in 5 colors. 
We recommend the Zenit game from the age of 10 to 110 years. The one and only requirement is not to have shaking hands.

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