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Zambala treasure vase - Karma

56,000 Ft
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Model: 102737-Zambala
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Expected delivery: December 07, 2023

The YangBum vase (the treasure vase of Dzambala) is designed to summon the energies of prosperity and material security. According to Guru Rinpoche (Padmashambava), the vase naturally increases wealth and prosperity and eliminates the harmful natural effects associated with the four elements. The vase was made in the Dodrupchen Monastery in Sikkim, India. The monastery belongs to the nyingmapa line. It was filled and blessed by the head of the monastery, one of the greatest living Dzogchen masters, Kyabje Do Drupchen Rinpoche. This special procedure lasted for more than 6 months. The vase should be placed in a central location above waist height. On the altar, or in the office, or in the business premises. The material of the vase is painted copper, the five-color cover symbolizes the five Buddha families. It is forbidden to open the vase!


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