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Yogasana The 18 Maha Kriyas of Yogasana

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This new title from Prashant Iyengar, first published in 2013, is an exploration of Yogasana. Prashantji starts by reflecting on where in the Yoga Sutras Patanjali mentions asana and in what context. He then defines and discusses each of the 18 kriyas which constitute each asana. When these 18 kriyas are integrated in the practice of an asana, the effect is Yogasana. "When the practitioner becomes familiar with these Kriyas and is able to include all the 18 Kriyas in the practice, one can hope for a renewed beginning. It is as if one has rebooted the computer. One then starts Yog practice with some idea and sense of purpose - to make the embodiment a fit instrument to serve our life's purpose." We receive some books from India in less than perfect condition. There may be some damage to this title.


Author Prashant Iyengar
Language English

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