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Customer Reviews

"The shop is great, many necessary and useful things are accessible for those who practice yoga. They are quick and nice. Everything was correct."


"Easy to access shop, nice customer service, they could procure and deliver a larger amount of products in a short time. We got constant and detailed information about the status of our order."

Shakti yoga studio

"The ordering process was easy, I could take over my package in a few hours on the premise. The service was quick, precise, nice."


"It is a unique shop. They are nice and polite. They helped with the packaging and delivery by giving a large bag for free. They offered delivery due to the heavy weight of the products. It is an exquisite, beautiful place in the centre of the city."


"They were quick and helpful in the shop. It was the perfect purchase for me!"


"They are nice and flexible, I could shop personally on the premise."


"Qick service, helpfulness, huge variety, simply good."