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UT Plus Formula 90 kapszula - G&G

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How does it help?

- eliminates bacterial infections of the urinary tract
- reduces inflammation
- natural diuretic, detoxifies
- enhances kidney function, sweeps away kidney sand
- keeps the urinary system healthy


Product description

In the summer of 2021, our offer will be expanded with another gap-filling product, which has been missing from the range of G&G products for a long time and which we have been waiting for for a very long time due to its importance! UT Plus Formula is a special vegan complex developed by G&G specialists to maintain kidney and urinary tract health and to fight various urinary tract infections. It contains all the necessary active ingredients from selected ingredients in the right proportions and amounts, which have a beneficial effect on our body's urinary system. Let's see what the new formula contains!

Ingredients (1 capsule)
125mg D-mannose, 60mg vitamin C (potassium ascorbate), 50mg, cranberry 25 1 extract (30% acidity), 50mg nettle leaf 4:1 extract, 50mg parsley leaf, 40mg bear grape leaf, 40mg sage leaf, 20mg horseradish, 12.5mg vitamin B6 (P5P)
Suitable for vegetarians, vegans?
Yes, for vegans too

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