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6,090 Ft
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Model: 101308-Twister
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Small but great: the TWISTER is BLACKROLL®'s new secret weapon. 

The special studded surface and ergonomic concise curve of the TWISTER allow for a new targeted stimulation.  


The TWISTER does not only work with applying body weight to it but also allows the combination of pressure and twisting. The result: circulation rises, trigger bands and -points are stimulated and the fascial tissue becomes well hydrated. 


  • Suitable for professional therapeutic use as well as for self-myofascial therapy
  • Massage of chest- and shoulder musculature by applying pressure and a twisting by hand
  • Massage of fore arms along the trigger bands by applying pressure and twisting by hand
  • Stimulation and massage of the soles of the feet by therapist's application or by yourself by shifting the body weight
  • Therapeutic stimulation of the upper skin layer (for instance subsequently to a manipulation treatment of the deeper lying fascia)
  • Targeted application of its different surfaces for optimal therapeutic results 

Made in Germany

  • highest production quality 
  • all rights reserved 
  • quality management to DIN ISO 9001:2000


  • energy saving production
  • 100 % recyclable 
  • free of propellants and chemicals


  • inodorous 
  • water resistent  
  • easy to clean /  sanitise 

Size 7 x 5 cm


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