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SVELTUS Flexoring pilates

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Our FlexOring® has been described as a personal gym in itself.


With 10 comfortable handles, it not only offers a lightweight alternative to resistance equipment but also an infinite variety of exercises, helping to boost the major muscle groups; abdominal, arm, back, pectoral, glutes, quads and more.

Inspired by the famous Magic Circle of the Pilates method, the FlexOring® can be used for stretching and light resistance training (which can also be beneficial in rehabilitation) or for a more difficult muscle-strengthening workout that increases resistance in total safety.

There are four levels of resistance, from “easy” to “very difficult” that are achieved without the need to adjust the equipment. By simply rotating and gripping different handles on the ring, the full range of exercises is available.

FlexOring® is almost unbreakable, is practical and lightweight. 


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