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Copper Tongue Scraper - Bodhi

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In Ayurveda tongue cleaning in the morning is part of the daily oral hygiene. The tongue scraper made of copper helps you gently remove deposits from the tongue. It takes only a few seconds, but it removes residue, bacteria and toxins that have accumulated on the tongue overnight. In addition, cleaning with the tongue scraper prevents bad breath and inflammation of the throat.



The tongue scraper is made of 100% copper. Due to their antibacterial and antimicrobial effect, tongue scrapers made of copper are considerably more hygienic than tongue scrapers made of plastic. Copper does not rust. However, it may discolour a little or develop a patina through use. These can be removed with vinegar and salt.

Tongue cleansing for fresh breath and a clean mouth

  • Gentle tongue cleaning
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Prevents bad breath and inflammation
  • Material: 100% copper

How to use the tongue scraper:

Rinse mouth with warm water to lightly moisten the mouth. Hold the tongue scraper at both ends and place as far back as possible on the outstretched tongue. Drag the tongue scraper over the tongue three to four times with gentle pressure from back to front. Then rinse the mouth and clean the tongue cleaner with hot water.

Material stainless steel
Origin India


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