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Réz kulacs - Gyémánt mintás 800 ml - Bodhi

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Copper bottle
For the healing effects of Ayurveda, we always recommend drinking water from a copper bottle. According to Ayurvedic teachings, the balance of copper water brings three doses (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), a strong immune system, slows down the aging process, stimulates the brain and acts as a natural antioxidant. In addition to its health properties, copper bottles are also an environmentally friendly, lightweight and separately durable alternative to plastic bottles. An ideal companion for a healthy lifestyle in the office, at home, doing yoga, training or traveling. Our tip: Combine your copper bottle with a glass from our range!

Usage: Traditionally, a copper bottle is filled with water in the evening and left overnight. The next day you can drink the copper water.


Ayurvedic copper bottle
Material: copper
Size: 800 ml
With screw cap
Cleaning the copper cup:

We recommend that you rinse the copper cup regularly with warm water.

 Do not clean in the dishwasher. Copper is a very soft material and should not be transported with hard objects, otherwise dents or scratches may occur.

800 ml

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