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POSTURE® Feminine

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The BLACKROLL® POSTURE harness has been designed in Sweden and is a highly-effective accessory that supports and enables better posture in pretty much every life situation. No matter if at home, at work, driving a car, at the gym or during sports and rehab, the POSTURE will ensure a healthy and upright upper body alignment



The BLACKROLL® POSTURE brace provides instant correction of posture and upper body alignment and will strengthen posture critical muscles over time for a long term benefit. BLACKROLL® POSTURE is easy to use and can be worn underneath or on top of your clothing. Good posture also increases your oxygen uptake; giving you more energy!

Very relevant in rehabilitation and pilates for better exercise execution.

Martial arts teachers - the BLACKROLL® POSTURE is the perfect training tool: simply include it during practice and observe how the execution of your punching technique, combined with a hip rotation is trained. The BLACKROLL® POSTURE helps correct this movement. 


  • POSTURE reminds you to use your own muscles
  • Use the right muscles when lifting
  • Perfect posture while performing
  • Machine washable
  • Product weight 200g

Size S-XL


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