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Bodhi PHOENIX ETHNO MANDALA yoga mat 4mm

78.36 €
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Model: 100178-Black-EthnoM-4mm
Manufacturer article number: 630SE
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars! (5)
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The Phoenix mat is your reliable partner for an intensive yoga practice. While other mats get slippery with sweaty hands and feet, the Phoenix mat gets even more grippy!

Ideal for Ashtanga and all other styles of yoga that require maximum grip. The smooth surface of polyurethane is abrasion-resistant and soft to the touch. The refreshingly colorful surface is offset with the cool, black natural rubber of the bottom of the mat. And you can of course use both sides of the mat.

Length: 185 cm


  • The smooth surface of polyurethane is abrasion-resistant and soft to the touch. The refreshingly colorful surface is offset with the cool, black natural rubber of the bottom of the mat and the thick cushioning provides a cushy but stable surface. And you can of course, use both sides of the mat.

  • free of latex, AZO dyes, DOP softeners and heavy metals, 6P free.
  • Material: natural rubber with polyurethane coating
  • Size: 185 x 66 cm x 4 mm, Weight: approx.. 2.5 kg

Wipe to clean. The PU coating should be cleaned only with cleaning agents containing no alcohol. We recommend after particularly sweaty practice to wipe the mat down with warm, soapy water. Please use only a very small amount of detergent and wipe down again with clear water to avoid leaving any soapy residue on the mat.

Important information about mats with a polyurethane surface:
Our mats with polyurethane offer very good grip, even in sweaty practice. Ideal for practitioners who do not have enough grip on traditional PVC mats. It is important to know that polyurethane tends to change color as soon as it comes into contact with moisture, thus creating areas on the mat that are darker. It can also happen that during the production the mat come into contact with moisture, creating surface color variations. This does not in any way affect the functionality of the mat.
We recommend wiping the mat with a slightly damp cloth after a particularly sweaty yoga practice. Please do not use any alcohol-based cleansers on the PU coating. Please roll the mat only when it is dry.

This mat is slightly larger than many other mats we carry and does not fit in all our bags. It fits in the following bags: Canvas, Surya, Yoga & Sports and Trikonasana.

Width 66cm
Weight 2.5kg
Material Natural rubber
Thickness 4mm
Country of Origin Németország
szűrő szín  
Material Eco-text certified, 100% latex free, caoutchouc


5 rating
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!
A lejobb jógamatrac. Egy kicsit sem csúzik még akkor se, ha nagyon izzadok.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Nagyon meg vagyok elégedve a termékkel. Nagyon jó az anyaga, nem csúszik, biztonságosan lehet rajta gyakorolni.A vastagsága is pont megfelelő, nem túl vékony és az álló ászanákhoz nem túl vastag. Tökéletes választás!
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Szuper, nem csúszik, dinamikus stílushoz ajánlani tudom. Imádom.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Hihetetlen módon tapad, az átlagosnál szélesebb matrac. Öröm leteríteni, teljesen átformálja a gyakorlást. Nagyon örülök, hogy végül rátaláltam. Akinek csúszós a keze/lába, vagy egyszerűen csak a legjobban tapadó matracot keresi, annak ezt ajánlom - ugyanakkor pont ugyanezen okok miatt flow jellegű gyakorláshoz néha már sok, ehhez a stílushoz egy kevésbé marasztaló matrac alkalmasabb.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
This mat is phenomenal. The design the material everything , and believe me it will make your practice even better as it is not slippery at all , I can recommend for every type of yoga. I am doing Iyengar , dynamic Hatha and Ashtanga on it.
Tags: Ashtanga, Hatha