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PEANUT Kork Massage Ball - Bodhi

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Model: 100161-PN-parafa
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A massage with the Peanut massage ball stimulates the blood circulation and dissolves tension.


Due to its special shape, the Cork Peanut Ball is great for massaging the muscles which run along both sides of the the spine. The cork massage ball is somewhat harder than our PVC peanut ball and helps to target trigger points on the back and neck.

A massage with the cork peanut ball stimulates the blood circulation and releases tension in the lower back and neck area. Used regularly, the Peanut Massage Ball also helps to loosen deeper layers of fascia, bringing relief for chronically tense muscles.

Thanks to the gap between the two cork balls, the muscle strands along the spinal column can be specifically addressed without the spinal column itself being touched. The massage ball can be used for self-massage while sitting, lying down or on the wall. When placed under the neck while lying on the back, it has a relaxing effect.

Size 16 x 8 cm


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