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Cork brick XL - Bodhi

7,300 Ft
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Model: 100134-XXL
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Light yet a massive yoga brick. A great companion for practicing.


Stabilize, straighten and support your body with these blocks made of cork! Light, natural, massive material.

If you are using block it will help you to accurately implement the postures. It stabilizes and coordinates the body. Sitting on the top, it rises the hips, straighten the spine and if you are using in conjuction with four blocks, it spares the cervical spine during classical candle pose (Sarvangasana).

This tool is made of natural materials. It offers an excellent support during asana practise e.g. during Salamba Sarvangasana or any other posture which requires more support.


Material 100% cork
Size 230 x 120 x 75 mm
Weight 380 gramm


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