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Organic India Bio Neem 90 kapszula

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Organic India Neem capsules have a natural, broad-spectrum plant-based, antimicrobial and blood cleansing effect.

Neem fights bacterial, viral and fungal infections throughout the body and skin, and is also effective against candida and other parasites, acne, upper respiratory and skin infections, gingivitis, and oral ulcers.

 Neem (Azadirachta indica) is traditionally used to soothe skin irritations and promote oral hygiene. This herb is also known for supporting the overall health of the immune system, also known in Ayurveda as a cooling herb that supports a healthy response to an inflammatory condition.

Neem also supports liver function and detoxification. It has been used in India for centuries to protect and protect nails and skin.

Organic India Neem capsules are made with certified organic herbs in an HPMC plant capsule tested for heavy metals.

Vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, certified organic product.

Note: Talk to your doctor about consuming a dietary supplement during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


1-2 capsules with food and taken twice a day with water for 1 month.


Organic Neem Leaf * (Azadirachta indica); Organic Neem soft stem * (Azadirachta indica); Organic Neem flower * (Azadirachta indica); HPMC herbal capsule

* ingredients from controlled organic farming

1 capsule contains 325 mg of active substance.


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