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Oils Treasure Chest and Clove (15 ml) - doTERRA

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Keep the precious gifts of our Earth in this oil storage treasure chest, which comes with a bottle of Clove (15 ml). Wherever you put it on display, passers-by will no doubt feel compelled to find out what nature's treasures lie within.


What does the package include?
1 x Oily treasure chest and Clove (15 ml)

Oily treasure chest:

Made of quality wood, frosted glass and stainless steel hinges, the chest is not an ordinary oil holder. The anti-slip insert made of cork keeps all 10 essential oil bottles (15 ml and 5 ml) neatly lined up and protected.


Recognition of the beneficial properties and uses of cloves goes back to the ancient Chinese and Indian cultures. As a food flavoring, it gives any course or dessert a characteristic spicy taste. Cloves are also widely used in the production of dental preparations, sweets and chewing gums due to their taste.

Primary benefits

Considered primarily as a ground kitchen spice, cloves have many other uses outside of the kitchen, thanks to their special, powerful properties.

Thanks to its warm, spicy notes, clove essential oil goes perfectly with seasonal dishes.

It is a popular dessert ingredient due to its intense, invigorating taste and aroma, and is often used, for example, in sweet biscuits.


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