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Neem Oil 250ml - Sattva Ayurveda

1,990 Ft
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Pure, cold pressed and unrefined, antibacterial and antioxidant oil


A vegetable oil extracted from the seed of the stone fruit of the Indian Neem tree (also known as the "Indian organ"), which is known for its cleansing effect.

Neem oil is an antibacterial and richly nourishing oil that provides excellent care for dry, flaky skin.
In addition, it is rich in important fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E, which prevents premature skin aging and preserves skin elasticity.

The oil soothes irritated and inflamed skin, so it is also recommended for skin prone to acne.

Neem oil contains Niemolind, so it can also be used to treat head lice and dandruff scalp

Recommended application:

For skin care
For hair and scalp care
And as a bathing ingredient 

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