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Mitől olyan különleges a MATCHA tea? Eláruljuk!

Matcha tea is the Japanese super drink. It looks back on a centuries-old tradition, but it has become really known only recently to the rest of the world. And those who know it will exalt its extraordinary impact on health and quality of life. What makes it so special? The real trick of tea is its cultivation and processing.


There is a stage in the ripening process of the tea plant, when the tea plantations are covered with a dark foil, thus blocking the plants from the sun. As a result, the plant begins to produce an abundance of chlorophyll and nutrients - thanks to its incredible amount of antioxidants and vitamins, its vibrantly green color and its special aroma - it does not have a bitter but sweet taste.


Matcha tea is harvested once a year when the above process reaches its peak. Because of this, its amount is very limited, which is one of the reasons why matcha is one of the most expensive teas. In such cases,  the leaves are carefully removed by hand and transferred to the factory where they are steamed to stop the leaf process. The leaves are graded by size, weight and color and the stem parts are being removed.


Green tea leaves are ground to micrometers in granite millstones - a mill produces only 40 grams of tea powder per hour. Due to its mechanical action, the cell walls in the leaf are completely ruptured and subsequently dissolved in water to dissolve. So, as the whole leaf is consumed, we get all the beneficial ingredients of thr green tea, while in traditional tea only 10% of the nutrients remains.

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