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Meno-Time - 90 Capsules – G&G

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WHAT DOES MENO-TIME DO? Vitamin B6 contributes to normal: Energy-yielding metabolism Reduction of tiredness and fatigue Functioning of the nervous system Psychological function Red blood cells Homocysteine metabolism Regulation of hormonal activity Cysteine synthesis Protein and glycogen metabolism Vitamin B5 contributes to normal: Energy-yielding metabolism Reduction of tiredness and fatigue Psychological function Vitamin E contributes to: The protection of cells from oxidative stress Selenium contributes to normal: Spermatogenesis Maintenance of hair Maintenance of nails Function of the immune system Thyroid function Protection of cells from oxidative stress Iodine contributes to normal: Cognitive function Energy-yielding metabolism Functioning of the nervous system Maintenance of skin Production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function Growth of children


WHAT IS MENO-TIME? Meno-Time is a blend of important nutrients, including desert date from tropical Africa which contains an alternative source of diosgenin, and is specially designed for women. OUR MENO-TIME SUPPLEMENT BLEND The botanicals in our Meno-Time supplement have been blended with vitamin B6, which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity. NO EXCIPIENTS Our Meno-Time supplement comes in the form of a vegetable cellulose capsule. This enables us to offer a supplement that does not require any unnecessary chemicals, excipients, binders or unnatural fillers. A vegetable cellulose capsule is designed specifically to break down naturally within the acid of your stomach, ensuring that the nutrients are absorbed during digestion. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS Meno-Time is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is also approved kosher and does not contain any allergens.

90 day supply


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