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Cover for half moon meditation cushion - Bindu

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100% cotton cover for half moon meditation cushions.

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Half moon meditation cushion INNER  (spelt husk) Half moon meditation cushion INNER (spelt husk)
12.83 €


Attention! This product includes only the cover. The inner cushion with the different fillings are needed to be chosen separately. 

Use&care: Both inner and outer covers are easily removable with a zipper. They can be washed at 30 °C.  The cushion with the filling should not be washed, however, it can be disinfected in a freezer (nylon wrapped for 8 hours), or  in  an oven (50 ° C, 30 minutes). It can be refreshed in sunlight in 1-2 hours.

Size 36 x 12 cm (diameter x height)
Material 100% cotton


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