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Lavender &Indian Rose 200ml - Sattva Ayurveda

7,650 Ft
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Pure soy wax with Sattva essential oils, wooden wick that burns evenly and does not smoke. With lavender and indian rose.


Lavender oil - calms and supports the regeneration of the mind, makes it easier to fall asleep. Damask rose oil - has a delicate and sweet floral scent; traditionally used in aromatherapy to relieve headaches, it removes anxiety. Warm wax can be used to massage the body. Product properties: Burning time: about 60 hours Ingredients: soy wax, natural Sattva essential oils, wooden wick, glass jar, wooden lid, jute bag. In the production of candles, we use only the highest quality raw materials. We do not use any synthetic and harmful additives, dyes, stabilizers, or fragrances. It is pure soy wax with Sattva essential oils, a wooden wick that burns evenly and does not smoke. Burning a candle To use the candle's full potential, always burn it at least until the wax has completely melted. When we light it for just a moment, a tunnel will form along the wick and the next time the candle is used, the wax at the sides of the container will not melt. Important precautions Place the candle on an even, heat-resistant surface, away from objects that may catch fire. Use the candle under supervision, never leave it within the reach of children or animals. Make sure that there are no drafts in the room.

Kiszerelés 200 ml

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