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Jungle mintás Maszk - PatentDuo

1,500 Ft
Model: 101374-maszk-jungle
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Choose a reusable, washable textile face mask!

The sanitary textile mask protects the wearer and the environment from droplet infection. A face mask is a barrier that prevents infectious drops that leave by speaking, coughing, or sneezing from spreading to the other person. It provides partial protection against droplet infection from the environment, so it is suitable for general protection, it is recommended for everyone to wear. Non-professional protection!

The face mask can be attached to the ear in 2 sizes. The raw material is breathable, the use and design of the mask reduces the risk of infection.

The advantage over disposable masks available on the market is that they can be used for months with proper disinfection, making them cost and environmentally friendly. Washable at high temperatures, ironable from the back!

Wearing a mask is effective if both parties wear the mask and are at a suitable distance from each other!


PATENTDUO believes that dress design is not just a self-made creative work, with its products to smuggle happiness, colors, and smile to people's everyday lives.

With more than 10 years of professional experience, as an mother, we produce adult and child products that are useful both in everyday life and in sports.

When designing our collections, we pay special attention to material selection and ergonomic design.


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