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VBD XL yoga mat - Bodhi

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Model: 101357-VBDBlack-XL
Manufacturer article number: 994BLXL
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The VIRABHADRASANA MAT is particularly robust and long-lasting, ideal for yoga studios and the rigors of daily use. Highly-recommended for repeated, intensive use, as well as for high-intensity yoga styles with high demands on yoga mats, e.g. Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga.

With a thickness of 5.5 mm the heavy duty VIRABHADRASANA MAT provides very good cushioning, excellent insulation, good grip and the stability you need to relax in standing poses. The full grip of the CHANDRA MAT is developed over time through repeated use. Please note, sweat and moisture tend to reduce the grip of PVC mats

The semi-closed cell material is hygienic and easy to clean: simply wipe the surface after using with a damp cloth or a light disinfectant and lay flat to dry. Please do not place the mat on a radiator or use a dryer and avoid exposure to direct sun light for longer periods of time.

Sizes & Weight: Standard: 185 x 66 cm / 3,2 kg | XL: 200 x 66 cm / 3,5 kg

Length: 200 cm


Width 66cm
Weight 3.2kg
Material PVC
Thickness 5.5mm
Country of Origin Németország
szűrő szín  
Size 200 x 66 cm
Weight 3,2 kg
Material PVC which contains no latex, DOP-softeners, AZO dyes or heavy metals. 6P free.


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