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Basic Plus yoga mat

12.19 €
Model: 100045-Purple
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Expected delivery: December 26, 2018

3,5-mm PVC yoga mat on solid bases.

Length: 173 cm


If you are looking for a thicker mat than the Basic yoga mat, choose Basic Plus. The surface of this yoga mat is slightly textured, double-sided, flexible and made of an impact-resistant material. It’s reliable and a comfortable mate for all sorts of yoga practices. In addition, it’s a conventional and affordable yoga mat for beginners.

Please bear in mind that sweat or humidity may reduce the non-slip properties of the mat. The mat does not absorb moisture so it is advisable to wipe off the sweat to provide grip or use a yoga mat towel.

Use and care: You can clean it by hand with mild detergent water up to 30 °C. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

To break in: The new mat may seem a bit more slippery at first but the grip improves during use. Customers believe that the best way to quickly ’break in’ the mat is to use it on a daily basis. Another trick is to sprinkle coarse sea salt on the mat, then use a little water or a damp cloth to srub it. Afterwards just simply air-dry or sun-dry.


Thickness 3.5mm
Width 61cm
Weight 1.4kg
Material PVC
Country of Origin China
Size 176 x 61 cm
Thickness 3,5 mm
Weight 1,4 kg
Material PVC


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