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Indian Singing Bowl with OM engraving 15 cm - Bodhi

23,900 Ft
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Model: 101565-15cm
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Expected delivery: September 26, 2023

Engraved Indian singing bowls with gift box and OM engraving, 15 cm


These decoratively engraved singing bowls are machine cast singing bowls from India. They are available in different sizes and with different motifs.

Machine-made singing bowls are a more affordable alternative to handmade singing bowls. They have an even appearance and a bright, clear sound that is in no way inferior to the handmade singing bowls. Cast singing bowls are often used as a "signal", for example in kindergarten, school or to indicate the start in meditation or yoga classes.

The singing bowls are delivered in a gift box and include cushions and striker.

Engraved singing bowl from India
Size: Ø 15 cm
weight: approx. 1400 g
with OM engraving
incl. pad and striker
with gift box


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Hangtálakban nincs nagy tapasztalatom, de szerintem szép hangja van. Minőségileg nagyon ott van, szép dobozban érkezett. ultra gyors ügyintézéssel és szállítással.