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How to find the yoga retreat of your taste?

How to find the yoga retreat of your taste? Luckily, there are countless opportunities to take part on a yogaretreat, so you can deepen your practice. However, it is important that you choose the retreat well, so that you get what you expected. Here are some thoughts you should consider before choosing your yoga retreat .


How to find a retreat where you can really develop yourself? Avoid these errors:

Considering the cost of a yoga retreat, we can assume that it is held at a place for yoga. Well, it's not always the case - if you don't have enough space for yoga, you might even have to move furniture before and after the exercise - it's not an ideal environment to recharge.
Of course, it may not be uncomfortable for you to move the furniture before and after the exercise, and there are many who also have no problem with a little workout. At the same time, an undisturbed yoga retreat can be incredibly useful and even lifelong, as it can bring about serious positive internal changes.
You can easily prevent the unpleasant situation in the example above by asking some extra questions before applying to retreat.

Ask these 5 questions:

1. Where will it be?

This simple question may seem too obvious, but it is worth asking. Some retreats, eg. they are organized at a location that has a beach and beach close to it, but there is something that is specifically organized for the beach. The difference is pretty big. Of course, both can be great - it depends on what you are looking for.
So before you commit to a bigger trip, ask about the location - Will there be a city nearby or another tourist center? Or will it be in a more covert place where you can experience a retreat in the traditional sense?
The more clearly you clarify what you want, the more likely you are to find it.

2. Who keeps the retreat ?

Through social media, many people come to a yoga retreat amp with whom they never met and do not know much about it.
This is still not a problem, but it involves the possibility of getting to a teacher whose style, commitment or any other feature is not in line with your ideas. It is therefore advisable to get to know the teacher a little bit better, to go at least one or two hours to make sure you have things to do with each other.

3. What is the retreat Program?

Yoga retreats may look similar at first glance, but there may be huge differences that we only know on the spot. There are camps where there is a lot of rest and leisure time in yoga, but elsewhere it is better charted with various alternative programs like. excursions or other group activities.
Many yoga retreats may seem similar on paper, but ultimately two yoga retreats are not the same. Some offer plenty of rest and relaxation, while others offer activities and excursions with daily yoga exercises.
It is also a question of how much the exercise itself is part of the program - it is a yoga holiday when it is about a day. there is an exercise, the rest is a free time, or a serious retreat, where almost the whole day is filled with different forms of practice. Both can be good, but it doesn't matter what you are doing. Therefore, it is important to inquire before the retreat about what the teacher is doing with the program.

5. Who come?

Even in yoga, where, in principle, everyone is open and accepting, people may simply not match. It is difficult to judge in advance who comes with whom and who can be tensioned. Even the retreat leader will not know this in advance. However, if you have had more camps or retreats before, you have already developed a returning seed, most of them with you - who has been attracted. Let's face it: Even among yogis who (at least theoretically) strive to be open and accepting others, not everyone goes together.
Of course, there is no way to predict which personalities will be well together and what collides. And in many cases, the teacher (s) will not really know until they arrive at the last minute. But if they retired earlier, there is usually a certain degree of consistency with those they are attracted to. There are those who are attracted to physical practitioners rather than those seeking meditative deepening. It is therefore worthwhile to look in advance in this direction, and to map the nature of the company around the teacher. If you are open and flexible, you can easily adapt to any company, but if you're looking for a retreat where you can move with other campers, it's important to keep this in mind.

6. What are the special circumstances?

If you have individual needs, please consult them in advance: eg if you have any sensitivity - whether food, pollen, or other allergies, ask if they can take them into consideration. If the retreat is abroad, it is especially important to ask for authentic information about the local conditions - vaccines, drinking water, etc.

Some final thoughts ...

Finally, ask yourself the most important questions:
Why do you want to go to a yoga retreat ?
What are you looking for?
The range of options is very large. The more clearly you see what you expect from a yoga retreat , the more likely you are to get what you want.
Whether you are looking for a serious yoga retreat or a fun getaway with some yoga classes, you have everything you can. Look around, ask the right questions and find the yoga retreat for you! :)

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