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Gyűrű alakú hangtál alátét - 10 cm - Karma

700 Ft
Model: 102943-10-black
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The length of the racket is 31 cm. Suitable for playing gongs and sound bowls. The product is blessed.


The Tibetan sound bowl is a magical tool
In some Tibetan Buddhist practices, the sound bowl is used for meditation, its resonance soothing, helping to deepen concentration. According to energy medicine, there is also a definition that Tibetan sound bowls are magical devices, forming a gateway between the all-encompassing invisible energy and physical matter.

The vibration of metal bowls forged from a special alloy helps to create energies that resonate with space and the human internal system. In this way, inanimate matter can affect living things without penetrating it, that is, in a non-invasive way.

Tibetan sound bowls are also used in energy medicine for chakra balancing as a means of flowing magical forces. it can be sounded in several ways: pounding, chanting, humming.

The vibration of the sound bowl creates an energy sphere that penetrates both the physical and mental planes. The vibrations evoked from the sound bowls enter upon contact with the body surface and flow throughout the body in the form of concentric circles. These energy waves can be best seen by filling the sound bowl with water and traveling that way. The surface of the water starts to move in an interesting, ringing, flowing motion, so it also passes through the living matter.

Chakra healing

Harmonization is needed when someone is tired, has low energy levels, is unbalanced in their daily lives. Disruption of the internal balance is accompanied by physical and mental symptoms. The “imbalance” of the chakras indicates that some chakras are overactive while others are not functioning properly. It is important for overall well-being that harmony is restored to a healthy level.

Chakras are the body's energy channels

The 7 main chakras in the human body give up and receive energies, which are then manifested on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. Permanent disruption of this subtle energy system leads to physical illnesses, pain, and other symptoms. Chakra harmonization with a sound bowl gives you peace and a happy feeling, so we will be stronger and more resilient to the forces that can drain our energies, manipulate our thoughts and emotions. Sound therapy with Tibetan sound bowls can directly and quickly align the chakras, restoring the body’s energy unity.

When a sound bowl is used, each sound bowl acts on each chakra. Each hand-forged sound bowl sounds at a number of frequencies, up to 10-12 sounds can be measured. The spectrum of sounding voices spans all 7 chakras, so we can say that each sound bowl is suitable for harmonizing all 7 chakras, but some bowls have a better, stronger effect on certain areas.

In summary, with the magical possibility of the sound bowl, the harmonization of the chakras, you can find the lost health, peace and wholeness that life needs.


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