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Gyömbéres cukorka 30 db - doTERRA

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The use of ginger has a long history and many still rely on it for its soothing properties. The doTERRA ginger candy has the benefits of CPTG-certified ginger essential oil provided by a comfortable, natural lozenge. To the sweet and spicy ginger oil, we added a drop of lemon essential oil to further enhance the beneficial effect and enrich its taste. In case of occasional abdominal discomfort, eat a delicious ginger candy to bring relief and soothe, soothe your stomach with it.


Primary benefits

Practical, fine lozenge
It combines the benefits of lemon and ginger essential oils.
It helps to soothe and alleviate the occasional abdominal discomfort.
You can easily take it with you to have on hand while traveling or when you need it most.

Complete list of ingredients

organic cane sugar, organic brown rice syrup, ginger oil, lemon oil


Use it as a natural and practical alternative to products that offer similar benefits.
Also keep it in your bag or backpack if you need targeted help on the go.
In this form, you can easily share the benefits of doTERRA ginger essential oil with your family and friends!
Take it with you on a trip or on longer journeys to help you in the event of a sudden discomfort.

Adults and children over 5 years of age: Slowly suck on a candy. Repeat as needed every two hours. Children under 5: Consult a doctor.


Danger of suffocation. Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age. Keep in a cool, dry place.

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