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Ginkgo Biloba - 120 Capsules – G&G

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WHAT IS GINKGO BILOBA? Ginkgo is thought to be one of the oldest trees on the planet, first growing about 190 million years ago. Ginkgo leaves have been shown to naturally contain two types of phytochemicals, flavonoids and terpenoids.


OUR GINKGO BILOBA SUPPLEMENT We use a highly concentrated 50:1 form of Ginkgo Biloba in our supplements. This provides the maximum level of this sought-after botanical in a single capsule supplement. NO EXCIPIENTS - PURE GINKGO Our Ginkgo Biloba supplement comes in the form of a vegetable cellulose capsule. This enables us to offer a supplement that does not require any unnecessary chemicals, excipients, binders or unnatural fillers. A vegetable cellulose capsule is designed specifically to break down naturally within the acid of your stomach, ensuring that your body absorbs the nutrients during digestion.

120 day supply based on 1 capsule per day


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