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Sandal Incence 30g - Sattva Ayurveda

1,290 Ft
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Model: SAIN-001
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Based on a traditional, nearly 400-year-old recipe, in accordance with Vedic traditions, exclusively carefully selected natural ingredients (honey, wood powder, essential oils, spices, resin). Handmade product. A stick burns for about 60-70 minutes. The packages contain 15 sticks, each 2g.


Sandalwood has been known for millennia, and its healing properties are used in Indian and Chinese medicine to this day. In India, it is used for spiritual and mystical purposes. Thanks to its properties that improve well-being, brighten concentration and awareness (stimulates the activity of the pineal gland), it is often used for meditation and in various Indian rituals.

Kiszerelés 30 g


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Nagyon jo minőségű, finom illatú termék. Az eddig vásárolthoz képest jó ára van.
Számomra nagyon kellemes az illata. Ha otthon vagyok, napi több szálat is elhasználok.