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Men's Yoga Training T-Shirt - PatentDuo

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PATENTDUO believes that dress design is not just a self-made creative work, with its products to smuggle happiness, colors, and smile to people's everyday lives.

With more than 10 years of professional experience, as an mother, we produce adult and child products that are useful both in everyday life and in sports.

When designing our collections, we pay special attention to material selection and ergonomic design.

Pattern are specially designed for skin-friendly, water-based, environment-friendly process to the outside of the fabric.

With Patentduo pattern collection so special, you will not to meet in other collections!

Size: S - M


Sizes: 2 sizes s / m and l / xl Composition: 100% cotton

Men's sleeveless top with a deep cut is ideal for comfortable yoga and sports.

The hip part of the neck and bottom is nailed with a special seam, so it is loosely but stably attached to the hips.

Material 100% Cotton