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Eyebright Plus - 60 Capsules – G&G

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WHAT DOES VITAMIN A DO? Vitamin A contributes to normal: Iron metabolism Maintenance of mucous membranes Maintenance of skin, vision Function of the immune system Process of cell specialisation


OUR EYEBRIGHT PLUS BLEND Eyebright Plus contains a wealth of high-quality and high strength natural ingredients, including eyebright, lutein, bilberry, carrot root and lycopene. Years of experience has allowed us to perfect this blend to create a health supplement suitable for everyone. The base ingredient for the supplement is eyebright, a wild plant native to Europe. The name is thought to have derived from its use in traditional folk remedies, with the active ingredient within the plant thought to be the tannins. Eyebright Plus combines a number of other natural ingredients to complete the blend. These include: Lutein: A carotenoid that is naturally concentrated in the macular of healthy eyes. Macular is the most visually sensitive part of the eye. Unfortunately, the natural levels of lutein in the eye often decline as we age. Bilberry: A highly nutritive berry native to northern Europe, and used throughout the continent for centuries. Bilberry a fruit is related to the more common blueberry and is recognised as a natural source of flavonoids. The berries also contain anthocyanin pigments, which give them their deep purple colour. Wild Carrot: A flowering plant whose roots are used for medicinal purposes, not to be confused with the more common root vegetable. Lycopene: A natural compound that gives certain fruits and vegetables their colour. Commonly found within watermelons, pink grapefruits and with particularly high levels found in tomatoes and tomato products.

60 day supply based on 1 capsule per day


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Még most kezdtem de nagyon bizakodó vagyok.
Harmadik alkalommal rendeltem, a szemnyomásom sokkal alacsonyabb mióta szedem. Kúraszerűen használom, ajánlottam az ismerőseimnek is.
Már másodszor rendeltem a terméket.
Megvagyok vele elégedve, sokkal jobb lett a szemnyomásom, mióta szedem.
Még túl kevés idő telt el a termék megismerésétől.
Eredményességet talán 1-2 hónap elteltével lehet észlelni.Köszönöm az érdeklődést ,ha változást észlelek fogok jelentkezni.
Maradok Tisztelettel; Gilicze Ferenc

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