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Bodhi EcoPro Diamond XL 6 mm yoga mat

28,990 Ft
200 cm
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Model: 100154-Grey-6mm-XL
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Expected delivery: April 08, 2024

The Bodhi new representative EcoPro series of extra quality 6 mm yoga mat.



Top-of-the-line. Extra-thick yoga mat, made with two layers of rubber and a mesh reinforcement

A yoga mat designed for demanding use.

• offers superior cushioning with a thickness of 6 mm

• open-cell structure provides a fantastic grip, even in hot and sweaty conditions

• extremely robust and durable

• certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class I (certificate no. 2012OK0503)

• free of chemicals, allergens and toxic materials;

Machine wash max. 30°C (no detergents). Do not tumble dry. Do not put in direct sunlight.

We occasionally receive feedback from customers who complain that the surface of the EcoPro mat is not sufficiently resistant to abrasion and shows signs of use. The surface of the mat can be damaged by abrasion and impact, e.g. longer rubbing marks from dragging the heels or toes over the mat or minor damage from an impact, sharp nails or objects. These are not manufacturing or material defects.

It is a fact that the more grip a yoga mat offers, the less abrasion resistance it will have. Because the extraordinary traction of the EcoPro mats is so unique, we do not want to change the material of the mats and the EcoPro can show some caused by abrasion. The functionality and grip are in no way affected by this.

Unfortunately, we can not replace mats with abrasion damage.
The warranty is limited to material or manufacturing defects. We ask for your understanding.

Width 66cm
Weight 2.1kg
Material Natural rubber
Thickness 6mm
Country of Origin Németország
szűrő szín  
Material Oeko text certified, 100% latex free, natural rubber, caoutchouc


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Nagyon jó tapadású matrac; kicsit nedvesebb tenyér és talp esetén sem csúszik. Kényelmes, kellően puha, nem süppedős. Tetszik, hogy kicsit szélesebb és hosszabb, anyaga gumi, mégis könnyű. Nagyon jó :-)