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David A. Treleaven - Trauma és mindfulness

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Mindfulness has come into the public consciousness in recent years as one of the best means of stress management and achieving a calm state of mind. Canadian psychotherapist David A. Treleaven was therefore surprised when he had difficulty practicing the conscious presence. He found himself overwhelmed with difficult feelings and emotions. During therapeutic work, it has come to light that his traumatized condition hinders meditation. This set him on the path, while at the same time feeling that people who had suffered trauma quite often experienced a jam in the practice of mindfulness. As a result of his research in this volume, the audience can easily show the connections between trauma, brain function, and conscious presence, emphasizing that if someone is able to collide with meditation, it does not mean that "something is wrong with them." It just means that changes and additions to the practice of mindfulness are worthwhile - a detailed guide to these is provided in the book - to buy the social embeddedness with which the problem may be related. The volume Trauma and Mindfulness is recommended for meditation instructors, therapy and support professionals using conscious presence, and those who want to continue their meditation practice even in the midst of their difficult past experiences.



Author David A. Treleaven
Language Hungarian
Tags: életmód, könyv