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Star Anise essential oil 5 ml - DoTERRA

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Star Anise
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Star anise is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. It usually grows to a height of only 4-6 meters, but it can reach a height of 20 meters. In Chinese culture, it is called "eight-pointed anise" or simply "eight-pointed" in reference to its characteristic eight-lobed fruit. The main chemical component of star anise oil is anethole, which gives it its characteristic licorice-like aroma, for which star anise essential oil and the fruit of the plant are well known. As one of the main ingredients of the doTERRA ZenGest™ blend, star anise oil has a beneficial effect when applied topically in case of stomach problems.


How to use essential oils safely?

Some essential oils have an uplifting and invigorating effect, while others have a calming effect. The aromatic use of essential oils does not require any special equipment.

You get the same health benefit by simply putting a few drops of oil in your palms, then cup your hands around your nose by touching the edges of your palms together and inhaling the scent of the oils deeply.

Additional aromatic uses for essential oils

Put oil on a cotton ball and put it in the air vent of your car.

Mix oil with water in a spray bottle and spray on furniture, carpet, or bedding.

Add oil to the laundry pile or to the ironing board cover.

Use it as a homemade surface cleaner.

Local use

Although essential oils are easily absorbed, there are several ways to improve absorption. A light massage will improve blood circulation in the affected area, in return the oils will reach the rest of the body faster. Using a carrier oil can also increase absorption, especially on dry or flaky skin, it helps to hydrate the skin and slow down the evaporation of the oil.

To reduce skin sensitivity, especially for young or sensitive skin, we recommend using a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) to dissolve the stronger oils when you first use it. The recommended dilution ratio is typically one drop of essential oil to three drops of carrier oil.

It is worth using several smaller doses during the day instead of one larger dose. Start with the smallest dose (1-2 drops). Repeat the local application every 4-6 hours as needed. Since everyone is unique, the dose varies from person to person according to size, age and general health.

Where do we use it?


Forehead and temples (not too close to the eyes)

Chest and lower abdomen

Arms, legs, buttocks and feet

Other effective ways of topical application

A few drops of oil for a hot bath

A warm or cold poultice by soaking a towel or cloth in water, adding the essential oil, and then placing it on the desired area

Add oil to body lotion or moisturizer, then apply to your skin.

Sensitive areas to avoid

Certain parts of the face, such as the skin around the eyes

Eyes and inner ear

Cracked, damaged skin


The appropriate label dosage and other professional guidelines should be strictly followed to avoid poisoning.

You can use the oils in food recipes.

Note that essential oils are much stronger than dry and fresh herbs and spices, start with very small doses.

Stronger oils are best administered with a toothpick (dip the end of a clean toothpick into the oil, then add to the food) instead of dripping.

Add essential oil to water, smoothies, milk, tea and other beverages.

Take the essential oils in capsules, or add a little to applesauce or yogurt.

5 ml


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