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Cloves 500mg - 120 Capsules – G&G

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WHAT ARE CLOVES? Indigenous to Indonesia and Madagascar, cloves can be found in nature as the unopened pink flower buds of evergreen trees. Cloves contain significant amounts of an active component called eugenol, which has made it the subject of numerous health studies, including studies on the prevention of toxicity from environmental pollutants like carbon tetrachloride and joint inflammation


OUR CLOVES SUPPLEMENT Our Cloves Supplement is of the very highest quality. Each capsule contains only pure ingredients, no added colours or fillers. This enables us to offer a vegan supplement that provides 500mg of cloves per capsule. NO EXCIPIENTS - PURE CLOVES Our Cloves supplement comes in the form of a vegetable pullulan capsule. This enables us to offer a supplement that does not require any unnecessary chemicals, excipients, binders or unnatural fillers. A vegetable pullulan capsule is designed specifically to break down naturally within the acid of your stomach, ensuring that the nutrients are absorbed during digestion. SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS Clove powder is hard to keep within vegetable cellulose capsules, but thanks to the introduction of vegetable pullulan to hold the powder, we are now able to offer a cloves supplement suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

120 day supply