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Ceramic Neti pot white XL - Bodhi

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Model: 100138-XL-white
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Pollen allergy? Cold? Have you ever tried Neti pot? 

Nasal irrigation pot - 400 ml.


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Máráján Csöjin Dordzse - A Jóga-neti kézikönyve Máráján Csöjin Dordzse - A Jóga-neti kézikönyve
4.53 €


With the help of this fine ceramic Neti Pot, the nasal cavity can be washed very efficiently to rinse out excess mucus and debris from the nose and the frontal sinus. A simple yet effective method is to fill up the pot with salt water. It’s not only surprisingly easy to use but also several upper respiratory diseases can be prevented and last but not least it’s cheap. By using Neti Pot dramatic improvement can be achieved. If you are incorporating this treatment into your daily routine before or after tooth brushing you can create a better well-being. To master yourself to the method learn from an experienced neti-user or if you want to learn more about Neti we recommend you the Yoga Neti Handbook.

Size 4 dl
Material ceramic, porcelain cover


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