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CANVAS 2 bag - Bodhi

7,500 Ft
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Model: 100135-Ecru
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Expected delivery: February 23, 2024

Are you looking for a durable, stylish residence for your yoga mat? You found it.


It is made from a highly durable material 100% cotton bag for a long time to secure yoga mat.

It is large enough that the max. 66 cm wide mattress fit, and even the space left your dress, towels are also.

Moreover, a large side pocket-sized personal items, be it the wallet, cards or notebooks.

The wide, black, adjustable shoulder strap allows for easy portability either on foot or bike you go to yoga.

Rugs, we recommend the following: Any book sold 60 cm wide type, for example. Bodhi Rishikesh 60, Asana, Lotus Pro

Lenght 72 cm
Diameter 20 cm
Material 100% cotton


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