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What are yoga towels good for?

We might think that by choosing the best yoga mat we have already find the very base of our yoga practice. Although the quality of our mat does matter, we need to take other factors into consideration which only a yoga towel can give a solution to. Bodhi and Manduka towels, compared to other towels, are extremely absorbent, slip-resistant, adjusted to your mat, what is more, they add traction to (sweaty palms) and feet.




Everybody was once a beginner, so it is sure we all experienced how it felt when our hands/feet started to slip in Adho-mukha-śvanāsana (Downward-facing dog). At this time we can’t concentrate on anything, but try to hold the pose somehow. Although as we practice more and more, holding this position gets easier, but until then a yoga towel can help us. Spreading it over your yoga mat it adds traction to slipping palms and feet. One thing less to worry about. ;)

This is a sweaty situation!

Although the use of yoga towels is indispensable for Bikram and Hot yoga practicioners, there are other yoga styles (ashtanga, vinyasa flow, dinamic yoga, etc.) where we start to sweat due to the intensive exercises. In this case, not only can our slipping hands distract us, but sweat drops can also set back introspection. That is why it is necessary to use yoga towels which absorb perspiration providing a slip-resistant surface

‘When were these mats cleaned last time?'

In a yoga or fitness studio many people use the mats, so if you practise there you should think about proper hygiene. In most studios mats are (hopefully) washed regularly, it can happen that they are dirty or smelly. But we should not worry about this is we use a yoga towel. We can dive into our practice. :) 

+ Tipp: Yoga towels can be used as a normal towel at your home, in a studio or in the gym. 

If you wish to use one have a look at our yoga towels below.