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Model: 101312-Twin-SMR-henger
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 Quality German product. 

THREE IN ONE SMR CYLINDER  Provides accurate and perfect self-massage by stimulating the skin Ideal for treating parallel muscle lines in the neck and back Ideal for calf massage It stimulates and enhances tissue blood flow by the twisted surface of the middle section Medium hardness Made of high quality, recyclable, durable material It can be perfectly combined with BLACKROLL® BOOSTER to further increase the effectiveness of the massage Made in Germany  Premium quality product The product is protected by a trademark Developed and manufactured in Germany It is DIN ISO 9001: 2000 certified Benefits of the BLACKROLL SMR product family  There is no gluing surface on it It does not absorb sweat Odorless I don't care It does not lose its shape It does not lose its hardness It doesn't crack 100% environmentally friendly Contains no allergens You can easily clean it with water It is DIN ISO 9001: 2000 certified Size: 30cm x 13cm  Weight: 104g



 THE MOST DEMANDED FEATURES COMBINED IN ONE PRODUCT  BLACKROLL® TWIN combines the classic BLACKROLL® STANDARD roller and the DUOBALL 12 massage balls. It provides an effective massage thanks to its design. Its surface is particularly suitable for rolling the line of the spine. Compared to DUOBALL, the left and right massage surfaces are wider, so you can massage on a larger surface. Its surface is twisted in the middle so it stimulates the blood supply to the skin and tissues, especially suitable for rolling the legs and arms.  Self-massage BOOSTER with vibrating core option - our latest award-winning product ISPO AWARD GOLD WINNER.  BLACKROLL® TWIN can be combined with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER vibrating core. With the vibrating core you can turbocharge your traditional BLACKROLL® cylinder. Also available in TWIN + BOOSTER set.  He is a gold medalist of the ISPO Award in the “Fitness & Team Sports” category.


Size 30cm x 13cm
Weight 104g


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