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Gift set with thermo mug - Yogi Tea

4,990 Ft
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The gift package contains 1 Classic tea and 1 thermo mug.


The gift package contains 1 Classic tea and 1 thermo mug.

CLASSIC TEA - Organic product. Ayurvedic spice mix with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Does not contain caffeine. Gluten- and lactose-free, vegan. Ingredients: cinnamon* (52%), ginger* (17%), cardamom* (16%), cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*.

*from controlled organic farming
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The tea that started the history of YOGI TEA®. The wonderful blend of sweet cinnamon, cardamom, delicate ginger, cloves and pepper has inspired generations of yogis, as well as the YOGI TEA® brand, and is the basis for the diversity of our Ayurvedic tea blends. An amazing tea experience that can be made even more enjoyable by sweetening it and adding a little milk or other vegan milk substitute.

stainless steel, double-walled thermo mug, with which you can enjoy our delicious teas on the go, which keeps the drink inside perfectly warm.


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