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  • What are yoga towels good for?

    What are yoga towels good for?

    We might think that by choosing the best yoga mat we have already find the very base of our yoga practice. Although the quality of our mat does matter, we need to take other factors into consideration which only a yoga towel can give a solution to. Bodhi and Manduka towels, compared to other towels, are extremely absorbent, slip-resistant, adjusted to your mat, what is more, they add traction to (sweaty palms) and feet.

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  • Frankincense - from deep meditation to healing cancer

    Frankincense - from deep meditation to healing cancer

    We can consider as a new chapter in aromatherapy, the 100% therapeutic purity of doTERRA. Using doTERRA essential oils, we can naturally help, heal ourselves and our environment. They can be used both externally and internally safely: by inhalation, in a diffuser, on skin, or mixed with food and drink, or in capsules. The oils carry the strength of natural herbs, their natural defenses, and their high vibrations on the physical, mental and energetic levels. DoTERRA oils can be used from the seasoning of our foods to beauty care and chemical-free cleaning. The use of the essences internally - the French aromatherapy - is prohibited in Hungary, so the relevant information is just of an informative nature.

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