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  • What are yoga towels good for?

    We might think that by choosing the best yoga mat we have already find the very base of our yoga practice. Although the quality of our mat does matter, we need to take other factors into consideration which only a yoga towel can give a solution to. Bodhi and Manduka towels, compared to other towels, are extremely absorbent, slip-resistant, adjusted to your mat, what is more, they add traction to (sweaty palms) and feet.

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  • How to keep your yoga mat sticky and clean?

    You don’t want to be that person, you know, the one who everyone  stays as far away from at yoga class because their mat reeks so bad and has so much sweat and bacteria growing on it that it might very well be  the next step in the evolution of yoga.  The living, breathing, stinky mat.

    But no, oh no, not your mat.  You would never sweat all over your mat, roll it up sopping wet and then throw it in the sweltering trunk of your car.  Trust me, it’s not going to be so hot in the trunk that it cooks the little suckers who are throwing a party on your yoga mat.  The heat just gets them even more riled up and excited to plant a foot fungus on your forehead the next time you rest in child’s pose. 

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